Business Credit Literacy
Business Credit Literacy

The Smart Money Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has received grant funding to improve personal and business financial literacy as well as the exclusive distribution partner for the innovative "Funding Proposal".


We are becoming a member of the Money Smart Alliance developed by the FDIC and promoted by the US Small Business Administration.  We incorporate their award winning curriculum through a breadth of personal and business financial literacy.


Please view the embedded YouTube video below for an overview of our financial literacy offerings and resources.

Our innovative approach was developed and influenced by Certified Educators, financial professionals, SCORE Mentors, SBDC Advisors, non-profit organizations, and bankers based upon two simple steps.


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Step One:  Free Education

We begin with using the award-winning Money Smart curriculum developed by the nation's financial leaders--the FDIC.  Learn more about the curriculum for individuals and small businesses.

Step Two:  Apply The Knowledge

Rather than stopping after education, our Money Smart Advisors then conduct a Financial Needs Analysis to create an implementation plan for each participant.


We understand the goal is to foster financial improvement and stability for individuals, businesses, and entire communities.  This can only happen when we actually APPLY the information we learn and have access to a coach who will help us along the way.

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